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EXTECH | 7630 Touch Current Tester

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7630 모델은 국제화 규격에 맞추어 출시된 Touch current Tester로 의료기기 및 각종 전자 기기에 규격화 된 Leakage current Tester 입니다.

1. Link with other EXTECH safety tester to form a 6-in-1 safety test system. (ACW/ DCW/ IR/ GB/ RUN/ TC)
 2. Enhanced 320 x 240 Graphic LCD display. Display the measured voltage, touch current and test time in the screen at the same time.
 3. Wide measurement bandwidth DC~1MHZ. completely satisfy the requirement of IEC 60990.
 4. Optional max touches current of measure in IEC60065. Max measurement of touch current is 75mA peak /35mA RMS.
 5. Built-in 7 kinds of common measuring devices and an external MD circuit connection also available.
 The tester is full compliance to various agencies standard.
 6. With BNC port MD can be linked with other meters with external voltage meter or oscillograph it is convenient for verifying the circuit of MD.
 7. Able to verify MD circuit directly and conveniently. This function is in accordance with the requirement of IEC 60990.
 8. Selectable measurement points of the MD leakage current example IEC 60065 requirement to measure U1 & U2.
 9. Max capacity of load is 10KVA/40A RMS. Allow to endure a 250A peak current instead of being shortcut to protect.
 10. Run Test Module is optional .Able to measure power, voltage, current, power factor.
 11. Built-in USB-A interface, it is convenient for clients that the tester can storage 100 thousand records of datum.




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