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EXTECH | ESC Line Leakage Testers

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ESC는 OLED 디스플레이를 장착하여 가독성을 높인 Line Leakage Tester 입니다.






It is upgraded to OLED display and the value will be clearer to read.

Able to link EXTECH safety tester and AC Power Source to form a complete Electrical Safety Test System (ESC-125 only)

Storage up to 99 memories

To provide peak measurement of leakage current. (ESC-112 only)

Built-in microprocessor design with high accuracy of measurement and user friendly

Full compliance to various safety agencies standard

Built-in common Measuring Devices (MD) and an external MD circuit connection also available

Able to perform normal, single fault and ground open measurement configurations

Wide measurement bandwidth DC - 1MHz for IEC compliance requirement

Performs the 8 most common Line Leakage Tests in sequences (ESC-112 only)

Option GPIB or USB & RS232 interfaces

Front panel software calibration

Front Panel Lockout

Fast and accurate measurement test result 




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