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Safety Compliance Analyzer (안전 적합성 분석기)


7-in-1 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer (ACW,DCW,IR,GB,TC,RUN TEST and AC Source)
향상된 7인치 TFT-LCD 디스플레이 (800 x 480)
DSP Technology의 정밀, Smooth 15 고속 측정, 빠른 응답 속도
 빠르게 메뉴에 접근할 수 있는 'My Menu' 기능
Ground Bond와 Hipot을 동시에 측정하는 DualCHEK
 “Hot” Hipot Test를 위한 Phase Lock function
내장 500VA Programmable AC Power Source 옵션
측정 장비에서의 전압강하 측정을 위한 MD 전압 디스플레이MD Voltage Display for measuring the voltage drop across the measuring device
LLT 중 최대 누설 전류를 감지, 기록하는  I-Max 누설 전류 디스플레이 I-Max Leakage Current Display to record maximum leakage current detected during an LLT.
AC, DC, AC+DC Leakage Current Display Capability in LLT.

MD circuits with BNC port
External Output Channel with HV
New memory set up, allowing for flexibility in step and memory numbers. Total up to 10,000 memories or steps
Multinational selection English language user interface selection. / Traditional / Chinese / Simplified Chinese
Standard USB & RS232 PC Control Card, Optional Ethernet, GPIB, Multi-function Interface card
Advanced security with User ID and Password protection
Auto detection 115Vac or 230Vac input voltage
Exclusive DC Hipot force discharge (Pat.#M279103)
Exclusive Smart GFI Circuit (Pat.#169000)
Ramp High feature (Pat.#100859)
Charge Low feature (Pat.#106128


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