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XiTRON | 2801 / 2802 Advanced single - and Two - Channel Power Analyzers

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V, A, W, PF, FREQ., THD, CF, INRUSH, GLITCH, PEAK MEAS., HISTORY 등의 다양한 측정기능을 제공하며, USB, IEEE488, RS232C, Ethernet, Print 기능, 전압,전류등 파형을 직접 확인할 수 있도록 파형을 보여주는 기능을 가지고 있습니다.


 Highest Performance-to-Cost ratio in the industry

 Base accuracy <0.08%. Current and voltage accuracies specified to less than 1mArms
  and 1Vrms respectively (<0.2%)

 2000Vpk and 150Apk measurable internally (external CT capable)

 Integrated line switch and inrush waveforms

 Graphics display shows numerical results, waveforms, bar graphs, startup & history
  charts with zoom & scroll features

 Wiring loss and voltage burden compensation

 DC charge and discharge measurements

 Frequency Range: DC and 20mHz - 200kHz

 Communications ports include USB, GPIB, and RS-232 standard, plus optional Ethernet*

 USB Flash drive support for data logging*

 Provides PASS/FAIL tests to user limits*  






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