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XiTRON | 257xR Ballast Analyzer

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전자식 안정기 정밀 분석장비로서 1 lamp 용에서 4 lamp 용까지 인스톨과 사용이 편리함.


 Available in 1, 2, 3, or 4 lamp configurations (2571R, 2572R, 2573R, and 2574R).

 Displays all relevant ballast measurements on a single screen.

 Can completely test a ballast in less than 100ms.

 Fully automatic ballast start-up and tube striking detection and data logging.
  Results may be obtained either graphically (via front panel or printout) or numerically  (via IEEE488 or RS-232 interface) with down to 1 ms time resolution.

 IEEE488 or RS 232 control of up to 4 external AC sources. Allows single user interface.

 High-speed operation with ballast input measured in 1/2 cycle periods; ballast outputs  measured in 512 ms periods.

 Wide bandwidth, ballast output frequencies of up to 2 MHz can be accurately measured.

 Every signal is monitored continuously with 12-bit, 2 MHz sampling.

 Built-in printer interface enables a comprehensive test report to be printed in a
  semi-automatic test environment, or for recording results in an engineering

 Automatic test sequencing and complete comparison of measurements against limits,
  including the selection of different 1500 series load modules and engagement of 1500
  series line switch modules. No computer or user software required.

 HID version to 5kv Pk.




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