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Serial Regulating Transistor와 작은 LC 필터에서 Output까지 중간회로의  캐패시터 뱅크를 충전합니다.  정현파 전류의 각 zero-crossing 이후 고유의 지연과 함께 사이리스터의 전원을 켬으로써 에너지의 흐름은 직렬 트랜지스터 (pre regulation)의 전압 강하를 정하는 방법으로 제어됩니다. 직렬 트랜지스터는 출력 전압의 최종 안정성을 정합니다 (Main Regulation).



Elapsed-hour meter as a standard for three phase units
Short circuit proof and unlimited operation with full current in short circuit condition
voltage and current regulation with automatic and sharp transition; control mode indicated by LEDs
Voltage and current setting with 10-turn potentiometers with precision scale; the adjusting knob can be locked
4½ digit DVM for voltage and current (for table-top models)
Sense terminals for the compensation of voltage drop on the load lines. The nominal voltage always refers to the output terminals
Parallel and series connection possible
Suitable for inductive and capacitive loads
for 700 W nominal power and higher, limitation of inrush current on switching on
Interlock loop to monitor the external load and internal loop as a standard for three phase units
Elapsed-hour meter as a standard for three phase units​





NTN 6.5 V 350 V 500 mA 4 kA 35 W 100 kW


NYN 12.5 V 350 V 60 A 4 kA 7 kW 100 kW








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