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NCA/MCA 시리즈는 full range의 auto ranging power supply 입니다.




NCA 55 V 55 V 40 A 160 A 750 W 3 kW
MCA 150 V 3 kV 750 mA 180 A 750 W 9 kW






auto ranging characteristic with constant power limitation


5 power classes and 6 Voltage classes: 55V to 3000V


up to 1500V with floating output


compact size (19" case), light-weight and high efficiency


short-circuit & flashover proof


unlimited operation with nominal power (even in short-circuit conditions)


voltage and current regulation with automatic, sharp transition and additional power limitation


control mode indicated by LED


4½ digit DVM for voltage and current for all power classes


voltage and current setting with10-turn potentiometers with precision scale; the adjusting knob can be locked


indication of set point values by means of button for switchover of the displays


set point adjustment possible with locked output, release of output voltage by means of an "ON" / "OFF" switch


suitable also for capacitive loads


sense connections to compensate voltage drop at the load cables for NCA


active down control for NCA






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