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EXTECH | EAC Programmable 1 Phase / 3 Phase AC Power Source

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Programmable 1 Phase and three phase output

Built-in input active Power Factor Correction circuit (PF > 0.97)

Adjustable AC output voltage 0 - 300V / frequency 40 - 1000HZ

Large 240 X 64 Graphic LCD display

Waveform distortion less than 1% on resistance load

Enhanced crest factor. The rate is up to 3 : 1 at rating current output

Fast recovering time, 0.4 milliseconds

Line and load regulation maintains the output voltage within 1% of setting

Programmable 50 memories and 9 steps per memory, for interconnection between each step to simulate different test conditions of the DUT

Auto loop cycle, up to 999900 cycles

For Aging or Life test on DUT, the user able to change the timer either in second, minute or hour

Unique regulation function in providing capability to turn on high inrush current loads such as motors and compressors

Capable to withstand inrush current up to 4 times of rated current and able to maintain 1000ms without protection

Over Current Fold Back Mode (Response time < 1400mSec)

Built-in PLC remote interface

Protections and alerts for over current, short circuit, over voltage, over power, over temperature and reverse current

Capable to set the starting angle, voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations

Adjust voltage / frequency setting via Rotary Knob when output is turn ON

Standard RS232 & USB interface, optional GPIB, Ethernet interface

AC and DC output selection to fulfill the test application needs in several power modes

Comprehensive measurement of V, Irms, Ipk, W, VA, VAR, PF, CF of current etc.

Memory and keypad lock functions with password setting





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