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작성자 BOBINC 작성일15-05-22 14:25 조회1,330회 댓글0건


Bandwidth  DC to 100MHz (-3dB)   
  Attenuation Ratio  1:10/100   
  Accuracy  +/- 2%   
  Rise Time  3.5ns   
  Input Impedance  4Mohm//7pF each side to ground   
  Input Voltage   
    -Category  CAT III   
    -Differential Range*  +/- 70V(DC+AC Peak) and 70Vrms @ 1/10
 +/-700V(DC+AC Peak) and 700Vrms @1/100   
    -Common Mode Range*  +/-700V(DC+Peak AC) and 500Vrms @1/10 & 1/100   
    -Absolute Max. Voltage*
 (Differential or Common Mode)  +/-1000V (DC + Peak AC) and 1000Vrms or @1/10 & 1/100   
  Output Voltage   
    - Swing (into 50kohm load)  +/-7V (into 50k ohm load)   
    -Offset (typical)  <+/-5mV   
    -Noise (typical)  0.9mVrms   
    -Source Impedance (typical)  50 ohm (for using 1Mohm input system oscilloscope)   
  CMRR (typical)  -85dB @50Hz, -55dB @1MHz   
  Ambient Operating Temperature  -10 to 40 degree centigrade   
  Ambient Storage Temperature  -30 to 70 degree centingrade   
  Ambient Operating Humidity  Up to 85% RH   
  Ambient Storage Humidity  Up to 85% RH   
  Power Requirements   
    -Standard  4xAA cells or 6VDC/200mA mains adaptor** or regulated 9VDC/120mA mains adaptor**   
    -Options  Power leads   
  Length of BNC Cable  90cm   
  length of Input Leads  30cm   
  Weight  500gms   
  Dimension(LxWxH)  202mm x 83mm x 38mm

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