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PRODIGIT | 3610A Series Single Output Power Supply Tester

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• The 3610A includes AC Source, OVP DC Source, Timing and PARD measurement capabilities that is able to test power supply input, output, noise timing and protection features.
• Load and line regulation can be tested separately or in combination.Static analysis with V-out% and PARD% can be provided.
• 3610A was designed by load module, load specification (0~300W) can be changed based on requirement.
• 3610A has a built-in EEROM to store test programs as many as 30 test programs can be stored in the 3610A.
• 3610A uses the latest in Electronic Calibration technology. System software is stored in FLASH memory and can be upgraded via the RS232 interface. Updated versions can be downloaded directly to the tester.
• Testing can be done either automatically or in a step by step mode.
• Test reports can be printed out directly or stored in a PC via RS232 iterface. Test data can be transferred to EXCELTM file format for report customization.

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